Simply put LECHE is an acronym that stands for

Love, Energy, Community, Healing, & Empowerment.  

We aim to provide an interactive, educational, fun, and resourceful platform to empower you to connect with others who seek to grow.  

We imagine a world where everyone is healthier, happier, centered, and committed to commUNITY, healing, and empowerment. 

We stand in solidarity to represent a collective consciousness 

We believe that a commitment to PRACTICE being mindful, we can grow a mutually beneficial world.  

No matter where you're from, who you are, or what you believe in, the one thing we can ALL benefit from is more mindfulness. 

Why Join LECHE?

When you join the LECHE collective you are making a statement,

"LECHE We Are!"

Member Benefits Include;

*Access to the LECHE Forum to network and interact with the community

 *Access to the LECHE Support Group on Facebook

*The exclusive LECHE Mindfulness Monthly Newsletter

*Access to a growing community of personal growth and development seeking to improve the world!   

*Automatic entry to a monthly Giveaway for LECHE We Are Swag 

*Mindfulness Community Events

*Free Guided Mindfulness Meditation Access Every Week

*Expanding benefits with community expansion, in other words as we grow so do your benefits!

*Did we mention membership is FREE? 


"This platform is essential right now. We need to not let fear motivate our actions. Love is needed to change the current climate. Its a higher healing vibration."


“Sign me up for more mindfulness.. Everyone could use LECHE in their lives!”


“I love the support group! I needed this"

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